Daily Prompt: The New School

If I could design a school from the bottom up (Money not as issue) it would be very different than public schools today. First, the curriculum would be divided into three core blocks:1. Reading, Writing math, 2. Music, art and drama, 3. Physical education health and community service. The present testing would be abolished. Lessons would be taught from three perspectives, visual, audio and hands on (tactile). I believe a balanced brain and body learns and retains information better than unbalanced approaches.


learning as I go

I stayed awake until 5:45 AM this morning . The motivation was learning about the “blog”, which is a new experience for this “60’s” kid. But it kept my focus which is a good thing.


It is not the r…

It is not the rich or the rulers that change history for the better, but the common people; inventors, healers, clergy, builders, artist, writers, teachers, mothers, fathers, all those who work relentlessly to improve and enlighten their own generation.

A beginning

I am retired and getting use to having a few choices regarding how I use my time. After crocheting Christmas gifts for 20 grandkids, I am now directing my raw, bruised fingers to the keyboard.

I have written throughout my life, publishing one short book and a number of poems, writing methodologies during my career and now it will be for fun.

I am writing a book, “My Walls Speak”, and I have 20 chapters so far. It will be part historical, part romance and a touch of mystery. My intention is that it reads light and entertains.

Hope the creative energy continues at this pace. We will see.